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During a sustainability audit we evaluate your organisation’s current sustainability practices. At this stage, we also carry out a sector analysis to help you identify opportunities and assess risks. Sustainability audit allows you to identify gaps and clarify the actions needed to operate competitively in your sector’s sustainability environment.
  • Get a clear image of where you are in your sustainability journey​
  • Identify gaps to understand what else could be done to improve sustainable practices within your business
  • Identify gaps to understand what else could be done to improve sustainable practices within your business

More on sustainability audit

The growing number of large businesses around the world producing sustainability reports and strategies is enticing responsible businesses to assess their corporate environmental and social responsibility based on GRI or Global Compact sustainability reporting standards. Many companies rush to develop a sustainability strategy without having time to assess the current situation within the company. A sustainability audit is an excellent tool to understand a company’s situation and to create a key starting point for identifying and measuring sustainability parameters to ensure successful business sustainability strategy.

Business sustainability is a difficult criterion to measure and covers a wide range of topics, from ecology to economics. A well-crafted sustainability strategy must first and foremost start from a transparent and qualitative assessment of the business situation in the context of sustainability, which is best reflected in a professionally conducted sustainability audit report.

With sustainability becoming one of the most important indicators in business reporting, it is important for companies to properly assess and understand their own situation, both internally and in relation to other businesses. Sustainability audit help to assess ongoing sustainability practices, identify gaps and identify possible solutions to increase a company’s competitiveness in a sustainability context. A sustainability audit can calculate a company’s CO2 emissions, review and evaluate the supply chain and business processes through a sustainability lens, collect all initiatives undertaken to date, etc. to assess the sustainability position of the business in relation to its internal objectives and the sector as a whole.

Business sector analysis is an important part of a sustainability audit

When conducting a sustainability audit, setting new targets and developing a sustainability strategy for a business, it is important not only to assess the company’s internal processes, but also to look at the competitive environment, the demands placed on the sector, the sustainability strategies and initiatives of other businesses in the market. A properly conducted sector analysis helps a company to see its position in relation to other businesses and to develop a sustainability strategy that is in line with market standards.

Sustainability audits are an integral part of a business’ sustainability strategy, providing a starting point to understand what goals are important to set and what initiatives to undertake in order to grow the company’s sustainability practices and competitiveness against other market players. Only by having a good understanding of where your business stands in the context of sustainability can you successfully raise your goals, raise the bar for sustainable practices and measure progress inside and outside the company.

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