Sustainability Reporting Overview

300 Largest Lithuanian Companies – Nov-Dec 2023


Sustainability and corporate responsibility have become essential aspects of modern business. Numerous companies are integrating these principles into their business models, driven not only by ethical considerations but also by the increasing demands of consumers.

This study takes a deep dive into the top 300 Lithuanian companies’ stance on sustainability and how they communicate it to the public.

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report analysis hands papers with graphs

About this study

This research, conducted between November-December 2023, analyzes a total of 253 companies or corporate groups within the top 300 Lithuanian enterprises. Our objective was to thoroughly explore the sustainability reporting practices of these enterprises.

The study illuminates the landscape of sustainability reporting in Lithuania, showcasing the prevalent practices and areas needing enhancement.

Key findings include

  • Presence of a sustainability section on company websites
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • GHG Emissions & EU Taxonomy
  • Audit Status
  • Sustainability Leadership
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