Sustainability reporting

the benefits it brings to business

GRI-global compact sustainability reporting sustain advisory
We use the best available worldwide standards – GRI and UN Global Compact reporting guidelines to enhance the quality of your sustainability reporting.

Benefits of a sustainability report:​

  • Assurance your report is based on the highest international standards and best practices
  • A tool to draft your sustainability strategy, set priorities and measure progress
  • Official document to allow backed up communication about the company’s sustainability activities

More on sustainability reporting, GRI and Global Compact

As the whole world moves towards more sustainable ideas and practices, sustainability reporting is becoming a more common phenomenon in business. Sustainability reporting is important not only to successfully and professionally communicate a company’s sustainable decisions, but also to identify a company’s sustainability and ethical values, assess achievements and set goals for moving forward.
According to the Global Reporting Initiative, as many as 80% of the world’s largest companies measure their corporate sustainability and social responsibility following the international GRI and Global Compact reporting standards. A properly prepared and communicated GRI report, becomes a great tool for assessing a company’s performance through the prism of key economic, environmental and social issues, reporting to existing business stakeholders and potentially attracting new investment or team members.

GRI Sustainability Report - the highest standard for assessing corporate social responsibility

A social responsibility and sustainability report, prepared in accordance with GRI guidelines, is a globally recognised document that helps any stakeholder or company gain confidence in your business. Internationally, with all companies working together to achieve global goals – stopping global warming, reducing gender and socio-economic exclusion, etc. – the GRI Report becomes a structured company profile that identifies the impact of your business on global issues.

For companies preparing a sustainability report for the first time, the Global Compact Report, developed by the United Nations, is an excellent starting point to assess, measure and communicate your business position, strategy and core principles in relation to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Sustainability report is not only a transparency tool, but also a tool to measure sustainability progress

A sustainability report prepared in accordance with both the UN Global Compact guidelines and the GRI standards helps a company not only to assess the goals or progress already achieved, but also to set ambitious goals for the future and to lay down clear and concrete elements of a sustainability strategy to develop the company’s environmental and social responsibility practices. A professionally prepared sustainability report following international standards is an indispensable tool for communicating with investors, customers or potential partners and for strengthening their engagement, highlighting the importance of tackling global issues for your business. Properly measured sustainable business practices and ambitious targets not only build confidence in your business, both internally and externally, but also provide a clear framework for addressing sustainability and related issues, making it easier to cope with crises that arise.

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