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Disclose sustainability progress

We will help you prepare a sustainability (ESG) report according to European (ESRS) and GRI standards. Determine the sustainability requirements applicable to your operations based on the EU Taxonomy.


Assess your carbon footprint

We will assist you in calculating your company's GHG emissions in all three assessment scopes (Scope 1, 2, and 3) following the GHG Protocol methodology.

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About us

Sustain Advisory provides advice on sustainability reporting, sustainability/ESG strategy development, GHG emissions calculation, EU Taxonomy, certification and more. Our extensive international experience in sustainability reporting and sustainability strategies in the UK, Scandinavian and Baltic markets enables us to help organisations of all sizes. We enable you to successfully implement sustainability principles in line with globally recognised practices and standards.

Sustain Advisory’s team is complemented by a network of 20 experts in environmental law, circular economy, sustainable packaging and related areas. In 2020, we also founded Sustain Academy – a 3-month sustainability training and mentoring programme, which has helped 200+ companies of all sizes in Lithuania and Europe move towards their sustainability goals.

Our services

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Sustainability Audit

Establishing your sustainability starting point and provide clear guidelines on how to move forward.

CO2 pėdsakas

CO2 Calculation

According to the highest-level standards, we calculate the carbon footprint of your operations and develop a science-based emissions reduction plan.

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Sustainability Reporting

We prepare reports on non-financial performance of operations that adhere to recognized standards and best practices.

Tvarumo strategija

ESG (Sustainability) Strategy

Set goals and create a plan to improve the impact of our activities on the environment, people, and the economy, while also enhancing the company’s results.

ES taksonomija sustain advisory

EU Taxonomy

Establish sustainability requirements applicable to your activities and assist in meeting them.

ESG Policy

We help define the principles of sustainability for your operations and succinctly and systematically communicate the company’s sustainability position.

Tvarumo mokymai

Sustain Academy​

Providing the necessary knowledge and skills for implementing sustainability inside your organisation.

Tvarumo ataskaitos auditas

Report Verification

We ensure that by implementing our recommendations, your Sustainability Report will align with global best practices.

esg certification

Certification Assistance

We accelerate your company’s sustainability certification journey and assist in meeting the highest standards.

A strategy in line with EU regulations

Today, a company’s success is measured not only by its financial performance, but also by its contribution to a clean, safe and sustainable environment. We work together to help you build a resilient organisation, manage risks and achieve your sustainability goals.

We actively and continuously monitor the regulatory landscape to help you navigate and comply with the latest European Union requirements and recommendations.


Companies trained

11 000

Consulting hours on real projects


Experts network



Our team

Ieva Vilke

GRI Sustainability Reporting Consultant

Auste Valikonyte

Managing Partner & GRI Reporting Consultant

Ieva Kazakeviciute

Managing Partner & B Corp Consultant

Simas Abraskevicius

GHG Emissions Consultant & Data Analyst

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